Autistic Children

Autistic Children

Autistic Children

In a world of colors, so vivid and vast,
Some children's journeys are on different paths.
They are unique, like stars that glow,
Shining brightly, in life's big show.

Autistic children, oh, so grand,
See wonders unknown in the palm of their hand,
In their minds, a treasure map,
In each corner, secrets unwrap.

Their hearts speak languages so, so deep,
In actions they take, not words that they speak.
Patterns they reign in their unique mind,
Details they see, that we strive to find.

In their silence, dreams they take flight,
In their inner world of sunshine and light.
Their love is so pure, and ever so rare,
And in their own way, they do deeply care.

Autistic children, they teach us too,
About a world that's diverse, and honestly true.
Different, yes, but isn't it clear?
That's what makes them oh so, so dear.

Autism isn't something that's bad,
It's a unique symphony, not something that's sad.
Of strength, love, and yes some mystique,
Their unique brilliance, is something to seek.


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