Autism Acceptance Day

Autism Acceptance Day

In April's breeze, with skies so blue,
A special day arrives anew,
Autism Acceptance Day, so grand,
Let's gather, children, hand in hand.

On this day, the world unites,
To celebrate our colorful lights,
For every person, unique and rare,
We embrace them all, showing we care.

In classrooms, parks, and streets we play,
Differences bloom in a vibrant array,
Like beautiful flowers in a rainbow's delight,
Each one shining with their own light.

Autism, is a beautiful hue,
Brings magic to our world, it's true,
A spectrum of minds, so diverse,
Teaching us lessons, verse by verse.

Some may see the world in a different way,
Colors and sounds in a whole new display,
They may communicate with gentle signs,
Or find comfort in routines and lines.

But let us remember, deep in our hearts,
That kindness and love are the greatest arts,
For every child, no matter their stride,
Deserves acceptance, by our side.

We'll learn and grow, side by side,
With empathy as our gentle guide,
Helping each other reach for the stars,
Celebrating who we truly are.

So, on April 2nd, let's come together,
Inclusion and understanding, we shall endeavor,
To embrace each child, unique and free,
Autism Acceptance Day, let it forever be!


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