Autism Acceptance is Beautiful - A Poem by WeBearish

Autism Acceptance is Beautiful - A Poem by WeBearish

In a world where difference sets the scene,

A spectrum wide, a palette of dreams,

Lies the beauty of a mind unseen,

In every person on the autism beam.

Often thought to be quiet and shy,

In their silence, a universe lies.

With words unspoken, they touch the sky,

Their courage and strength, never shy.

Autism acceptance is beautiful, you see,

For every heartbeat, a unique melody.

No two alike, in land or sea,

An orchestra of souls, wild and free.

Their minds are maps of galaxies unknown,

With every thought, a star is sown.

In understanding, compassion is grown,

And in acceptance, love is shown.

Look beyond the surface, dive deep,

Autism is not a secret to keep.

It's a beacon shining in the night's sleep,

A story of courage, enough to make angels weep.

So, let's raise our voices, let's take a stand,

Joining together, hand in hand.

Through valleys, over mountains, across the sand,

Autism acceptance echoes throughout the land.

For in their eyes, there's a splendid light,

A testament to an enduring fight.

Through love and acceptance, we ignite,

A world where everyone can take flight.

Autism acceptance is beautiful, indeed,

A garden of hearts, planted with seeds.

Watered with compassion, and the creed,

That everyone’s unique, a special breed.

Embrace the spectrum, cherish the sight,

Autism acceptance is pure delight.

In diversity, we find our might,

After all, in every soul, there burns a light.


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