Embrace Autism: A Celebration Poem About Unique Minds

Embrace Autism: A Celebration Poem About Unique Minds

Embrace Autism

In a world full of colors, vibrant and bright,

Not every mind sees the same light.

Some minds are different, unique as can be,

Autism's a rainbow, as vast as the sea.

Autism, oh autism, in shades bold and new,

Embrace the spectrum, in every hue.

Don't wish for change, or try to align,

With everyone else's, your sparkle's divine.

An autist’s journey, a path all their own,

Through valleys and mountains, strength they have shown.

They feel and they sense in ways quite unique,

With a wisdom so pure, they don’t have to speak.

In details they delve, keen as a hawk,

In their own silent language, they beautifully talk.

Through patterns and riddles, their minds take flight,

Each piece fits perfectly, in their own light.

Painting their world with a brush so fine,

A tapestry woven, in their own design.

With strengths untold and a love so pure,

In their hearts, a courage that's sure.

Autism, oh autism, don’t shroud in sorrow,

For what's different today, will lead tomorrow.

In each heart, let acceptance grow,

With love and respect, let's let them glow.

So, let's celebrate, not isolate,

Welcome their world, communicate.

Dance to their rhythm, sing their song,

In this world of ours, they belong.

Embrace autism, a gift from above,

A different perspective, a new kind of love.

Their journey's special, no less, no more,

An adventure that's worth exploring for sure.

For every child, unique and bright,

Deserves love and acceptance, day and night.

Autism is not a burden to bear,

But a different color in life's grand affair.


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