People With Autism

People With Autism

In a world so vast and diverse,
Where every child is unique, we traverse.
Among the shining stars, a special hue,
Autistic children, shining bright and true.

They see the world through a different lens,
With colors and patterns that make amends.
Their minds dance to a rhythm of their own,
With talents and gifts waiting to be known.

Each autistic child, a precious treasure,
Their hearts filled with joy beyond measure.
People with autism teach compassion, love, and care,
In their own special way, they're always there.

With patience and understanding, we embrace,
The beauty and grace of their unique space.
In their world, we find lessons profound,
That acceptance and kindness should always abound.

Let's walk hand in hand, side by side,
With autistic children, let's provide,
A world of acceptance, warmth, and love,
Where every child soars high above.

For in their smiles, we find pure delight,
And in their spirits, a radiant light.
Together we'll create a world anew,
Where children with autism shine and breakthrough.


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