Embracing the Spectrum: Unfolding the Signs of Autism - WeBearish

Embracing the Spectrum: Unfolding the Signs of Autism - WeBearish

Signs of Autism

In the prism of minds where spectrums reside,
Between the echoes of laughter and thoughtful strides,
There lie signs, subtle, softly implied,
Signs of autism, glowing with pride.

The world spins wild, frenzied and loud,
But they dance to a song on a different cloud,
Embracing a symphony not always allowed,
Their minds painting skies, unconventionally proud.

In depths of their gazes, worlds unfold,
With wisdom unspoken, stories untold,
In them, we find treasures far more than gold,
Gifts of perspective, precious and bold.

They marvel at patterns in spaces confined,
Speak languages born from the echoes of mind,
Their brilliance and beauty, distinct, yet maligned,
In them, a new normal, we must learn to find.


Signs of autism, clear as the dawn,
A dance in the twilight, a new day is born.
In the whirl of colors, love is drawn,
From star to star, from dusk till morn.

In every gesture, every unspoken phrase,
In their quiet longing, in their silent ways,
We see a world painted in stunning arrays,
A call for acceptance, amidst the haze.

Each mind, a universe, unique, unconfined,
With dreams and desires intricately designed,
Acceptance isn't a gift, but a truth, enshrined,
In the tapestry of life, lovingly intertwined.

Autism, a journey through a distinct sea,
A different perspective, a world set free.
In every heart, let this decree,
Be etched forever, for eternity.

Let’s celebrate the minds that wander and roam,
In a world that's a puzzle, they find their home.
Let's sing a hymn, write a meaningful tome,
For those with autism, our love we'll comb.



The signs of autism, a beacon bright,
Guiding us towards compassion's light,
In their unique being, we find our might,
To accept, to cherish, and to hold tight.

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