What Does Autism Mean: A Unique Journey of Colorful Exploration

What Does Autism Mean: A Unique Journey of Colorful Exploration

What Does Autism Mean?

In a world as wide and wondrous as ours,

A story unfolds, among countless stars.

A tale of heroes, unknown and unmet,

They speak a language some may not get.

"What does autism mean?" you ask, eyes wide,

It's a journey unique, on a colorful tide.

It’s seeing the world from a different view,

With colors many, not just a few.

Autism is thinking, in patterns that twirl,

A dance of ideas, that sway and whirl.

With brilliant minds that are rare and keen,

Finding solutions to problems unseen.

It's painting a rainbow with different strokes,

Understanding that everyone evokes,

A unique melody, a special song,

And in this orchestra, we all belong.

Sometimes it’s silence, a peaceful quiet,

Sometimes it’s a riot of thoughts, alight.

Sometimes it's loud, sometimes it's mute,

It's a beautiful symphony, not on mute.

It’s spinning in circles, flapping with joy,

It’s loving your favorite, specific toy.

Autism is unique, not less or more,

Just another way to explore and adore.

It's not about 'normal', it's not about 'right',

It's about being oneself, day or night.

In the end, it means just one thing,

Being true to yourself, and the joy it can bring.

We've different roads, different paces,

We’re travelers from different places.

So, remember, each heart carries its theme,

That's what autism means, in this grand scheme.

Each day brings lessons, each day brings grace,

In everyone's journey, there's a perfect pace.

So let's join hands, and let's understand,

Walking together, on this lovely land.

Autism is not a condition or a stain,

It’s a different rhythm, in life’s refrain.

Acceptance and love, these should never wane,

For in every soul, there’s a unique, bright flame.

So next time you wonder, "what does autism mean?"

Think of this story, and the scenes you've seen.

It's a tapestry of life, colorful and bright,

A testament to every soul's brave fight.

We are all stars, though our lights may vary,

In this universe, everyone's necessary.

Autism is but another shine,

In our sky, your light is fine.

Remember, love is the language we all speak,

In our world of varied and unique.

Let's cherish every voice, let's join each song,

In the symphony of life, we all belong.


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