What Does Autism Mean?

What Does Autism Mean?

In a world so wide and colorful, you see,
There are people just like you and me.
Some have a mind that's wired unique,
It's called autism, and about it, we'll speak.

Autism means a brain that's a special kind,
Full of thoughts that whirl and wind.
Their senses are sharp, they feel so much,
Sounds are loud, and textures have a stronger touch.

They may not look at you in the eye,
Or enjoy a hug, or want to high-five.
But it doesn't mean they don't care or feel,
Just when showing love, they have their own deal.

Sometimes they focus, with deep delight,
On one single thing, from day to night.
It could be trains or patterns or stars,
Their passions can take them so very far.

Words may not flow quite as they should,
Or maybe they speak more than others would.
Expressions and gestures may seem out of the norm,
But that's just part of their perfect unique form.

Autism's a journey, with ups and downs,
Moments of silence, and yes, laughter sounds.
It’s not a disease, not something to mend,
Just a different path, with its own way to bend.

What does autism mean, you ask with a gaze?
It's a different rhythm in life's broad maze.
With patience and love, we all can see,
The beautiful ways that everyone can be.


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