What's Autistic? An Autism Acceptance Poem by WeBearish

What's Autistic? An Autism Acceptance Poem by WeBearish

Once upon a morning bright,
I'll tell a tale of special light,
Of people unique, like you and me,
With a different lens through which they see.

Autism's the name, don't be afraid,
For it is just another shade,
In the rainbow of people we meet,
Each one is special, each one is sweet.

An autistic mind's like a secret garden,
Where thoughts and feelings often harden,
Into patterns, intricate and wild,
Unseen by many, but clear to the child.

Some sounds may feel like a buzzing bee,
And crowded places aren't always carefree,
Sometimes words might stumble and fall,
But that doesn't make them not make sense at all.

They may not gaze into your eyes,
But they see the world, full of surprise.
They often find joy in routine,
& repeating things that may seem unseen.

For them, a whisper can roar,
And little details, they adore.
It might seem strange, even to you,
But for them, it's just their point of view.

Understanding emotions might be a task,
But patience and love is all they ask.
They may not say, but they do feel,
Their emotions absolutely are just as real.

So, let's celebrate each mind,
Unique, diverse, of every kind.
For what makes us different makes us strong,
Because this is a world where we all belong.


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