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WeBearish Acceptance Sticker Sheet (Purple/Black)

WeBearish Acceptance Sticker Sheet (Purple/Black)

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Elevate your belongings with our exclusive Glossy Sticker Collection! Crafted with precision using top-quality MPI 3000 Gloss HOP film (EU) and Promotional Monomeric PVC (US), these stickers boast a 0.12" (0.3 cm) pristine white border and a captivating glossy finish.

Enhance your notepad, laptop, or phone case effortlessly with these stickers, designed for easy application. They're built to last, offering 2-3 years of indoor durability.

What makes these stickers even more special? They support a noble cause! Introducing the "WeBearish Acceptance Sticker Sheet" in a striking Purple/Black color scheme.
By purchasing this sheet, you actively contribute to 100% non-profit autism acceptance initiatives, spreading love and awareness with every application.

Remember to prep your surface before adorning it with these stunning stickers. Unleash your creativity and personalize your world with our Glossy Sticker Collection today!
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