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WeBearish Flip-Flops (White/Black)

WeBearish Flip-Flops (White/Black)

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Step into summer with WeBearish Flip-Flops, your passport to an adventurous and carefree season! These unique kicks are more than just comfortable; they're a statement of acceptance and support. The black Y-shaped rubber straps ensure a secure fit, while the toe post style guarantees effortless style and convenience.

But what truly sets these flip-flops apart is their purpose. With a customizable 100% polyester fabric lining, they're not just trendy but also deeply meaningful. Each pair is a pledge of support for Autism Acceptance, with 100% of the profits going towards autism initiatives. It's fashion with a heart, making you a part of something bigger while you bask in the sun.

So, gear up for an unforgettable summer, knowing that every step you take in WeBearish Flip-Flops is a step toward a more inclusive and accepting world.

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L 10.5-11 10-11.5 42-45 8.5-10.5
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